Reviews for "Press Start: Conquest"


It had all the right ingredients for a good flash but did'nt make me laugh.Mabye it's just me...


Seems vile got bored and decided to draw...... XD


haha you got me i was so dissapointed when i saw the animation, i it got worst as i watched it. i was about to shed tears of rainbows! Then it was like April Fools!!! I was like haha you got me!


I was expecting Vlad to be standing over Vile's shoulder as he drew the whole cartoon with crayons or something. Great job anyways!

Happy Foolsmas!

I think this is the best one yet!

You t´really overdid yourself on this one! The animation was out of this world in spectacularness and the story was deep and had clevar message.

I salute you!