Reviews for "Press Start: Conquest"

How nice

I was thinking it was going to cut to Count Vile drawing the thing. A pity he had to kill his turtle assistant while he was destroying the Earth. I guess I forgot this was April Fool's Day because I didn't expect it until the end! Well, in that sense, at least I managed to get a true prank for myself. I did not understand this at first, because I knew you guys were out promoting the second "Press Start" movie, but now I understand the joke. For something so cheesily animated, it was fun to watch.

It makes me wonder if you really are going to start with new animation. The cheesiness of the old kind reminded me of the type "South Park" has. This was even closer to SP animation than the other kinds were. It's fun to see Count Vile act so giddy and I think he did animate this. I hope you do well with the movie!

An aswome video made with a microphone

The sound track is aswome!!!! WERE DID U GET IT!!??? (XP lol)

A super presentation with the original button and then........... a simple comic flash that is aswome.... ALL IS ASWOME!! This guy is aswome!! THE GUY WHO IS READING THIS IS ASWOME!! this comment... SUCKS!


Take one more step further and I will punch you right in the rectangular face! Awesome vid guy, I dig all the little explosion noises that you made on your own. They added character.... to the explosions..... which by and large, were terrible. Still loved it! :) 5/5


Best work yet. You truly showed your animating skills here. I'm blown away by this! I don't get the last part though aprl fooz... What on earth does that mean?
And as a serious review this was actually really funny XD. I absolutely love this series and alawys yell out the little cameos XD Great job!

pretty funny

I'm a big fan of the panting when god goes through the black hole!