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Reviews for "The Best Game Ever Made"

I managed to die

Take that Neophyte-Ronin.

Great and Challenging

I like this game, it's very in-depth with the best graphics of the millennium! I'm currently stuck on the fat guy.


that wasw funny. thoses comments the dino made were HYSTERICAL!!!

How do you make your presentation?

This is funny, but it doesn't really feel like an April Fool's joke for some reason...


Do we realy need to say anything else? I mean.... this is boring, mosely bad made, no real jock just some retard little thing who could be funny if i whas 3 year old... Seriusly i mosely don't like to say bad thing about a artist cause i know those flash can take a lot of time and ask a lot of energie and effort but... this thing is crap, simply crap, and say thas this is the best game of 2011 is or a order bad 3 year old jock or simply a stupide like to trie to got people play it. This is the best game of -100 000 maybie... but mosely thas all...