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Reviews for "The Best Game Ever Made"

After getting my Review busted...

I love the joke, it's original and funny, and for the "PERSON" who I mentioned in the past that didn't get it, APRIL FOOLS! sheesh, I was just in the mood to be a little jolly but I'm a little angry a bit bleh.

I re-did my entry and has it reworded, and if it pops one more time, I'm gonna be having a misfit.

Anyways, enjoyed every second of it, and pull the black guys glasses off for a easter egg :D

Loved it.

I think it was a great game, because I was green, and not dead.

Haha! I'm not sure what just happened but ok...

Well, at least I got 5/12 from the best game ever. ^-^

Dont get the guys glasses



it just feels sooooo right.