Reviews for "The Best Game Ever Made"

Some medals i got, then review

Here is the walkthru and some medals:
Good decision: start the game.
Disco inferno:Visit the disco place 3 times
Table groper: Using the hand icon, try to take the tables.
Carpet thief: When you kill your boss grab a piece of his carpet.
Chatterbox:Talk to every item you can take before taking it.
Oblivious:Grab gildas shirt, then do the presentation
Dead: Grab the guys glasses in the confrence room
I like betty: Talk to betty and hear all she has to say.. including when shes laffin'
Antisocial:Fill the cup in the sink,not the water cooler.
Walkthru:Get the pencil of the desk, Goto betty, tell her joke, grab water cup, fill it with water,go back to your room, and feed the tree with the water. grab plunger.goto bosses room. take paper and award. put paper in fax machine. smash it with the award. tell boss. goto confrence room. give presintation with pencil, tell boss. goto bathroom.unclog toilet with plunger. take bar and give it to frank. open fridge. jump into rainbow portal. come back. tell boss. kill boss. grab triforce. Epicwin.

Funny,yet short. not the best game ever, but close to it.

More dinosaurs

this game could need more dinosaurs


~The Good~
- Funny Storyline
- Simple Medals
- Point And Click Action
- No Bugs/Glitches; Excellent Coding

~The Bad~
- Too Short


To Author- This game is the perfect April Fool's joke. The author comments had me laughing before the game was even fully loaded, which made me even more enthusiastic to play it. It's definitley unique and the story was weird and I'm glad things like these exist.

To Gamers- You will have a great time playing this. All the medals are a breeze and it is super entertaining.

wear do i start

poorly darwn its gay and laggy and the joke was shit


Congratulations! You discovered the only way to die in this game!