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Reviews for "The Best Game Ever Made"


I Died By Mr Evil Eye


1. start the game
2. enter the rainbow portal in the fridge 3 times
3. give the chocolate to frank before conferince
4. try to take every table in game
5. take a piece of carpet after ur boss dies
6. talk to every item before taking it
7. take gildas shirt in conferince room then write with the crayon on paper
8. take the guys glasses in conferince room
9. listen to everything betty has to say including the dialog when she laughs
10. fill the water cup in sink
11. after ur boss dies take the glasses of the guy in conferince room
12. finish the game under 2 minutes


It's like that Halloween game, but a little less addictive.


i dont really life it that much


you have unleashed the eye snakes and lazers lol FTW