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Reviews for "Rebecca Whack: Friday"

I actually really like the concept. Its a great spin on the classic "kitten cannon" style games, but considering this is one of few new spins on the idea I have actually seen, I dunno if that statement actually holds water. Points and spending views to keep a youtube theme is actually a genius idea. Adding upgrades to really make you go further really adds replay. Unfortunately the theme of "rebecca black" is what kills it for me. The idea is fantastic... but if there was a way to do the same thing with a theme that didnt annoy everyone, this would totally get a 5 in my book. Mostly because my instant reaction upon hearing her or anything she says is to run away with my ears bleeding, rather than stay and mutilate her. :P again, REALLY great idea, but the theme kills me. XD

Partyin' Partyin yeah! :D. this game is only halfway retarted

DAMN, I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS GAME IS FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!

Always put your seat belts cuz this might happen 2 U.

I love all launch games, so I enjoyed this game... But it wasn't very exciting. It seems to be very much luck, moreso than other launch titles. 3/5