Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"


Funny x)


Quite Funny! Although, as a fan of the comic, and a nerd, I feel obliged to mention that Scott Pilgrim is well into his early twenties, and therefore not an "awkward teenager" but yes, Micheal Cera still looks... and plays, the part of one.


I freaking love Scott Pilgrim and this was really funny. It is true that Cera can't really play many roles. But it was a good short. Hooray for Arrested Development references!
Always money in the banana stand

Lo a Beargon!

To be honest i just read "Aleque"s review and I can sense that there's something eatin away at that guy. As always it was great try not to run out of ideas(even though you seem to have many) totally unique humor i can only find from The(mighty)Weebl

these dares are to much fun

so keep them dares a comein