Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"

Not to complain about it...

But uhh...most of the other ones made fun of more than just 1 bit of a movie...And Scott Pilgrim is the best movie put out so far. Love the franchise but uhh...this one didn't do it for me. Try focusing more on just 1 point of the movie/actors/etc as you did for the previous

dont know

i dont really want to review this bad, weebl, you do great stuff. but somehow i dont like your egg-cartoons, especially not this one

the ideas are good and funny, the eggs are always easy to identify as what the should display. theres not much to not like about them, only the fact they dont speak bothers me, even more in contrast to the speaking gideon

actually voicing them would make them much better in my opinion


I suppose if you found Weebl stuff funny 10 years ago, you might find this funny. It was animated well, but there's certain "schticks" I never really understood why they were so popular. This was one of them. 5 for animation.

Not really that funny.....

I didn't really like this at all......it just wasn't really all that funny

Art was good though.....

honest review

Ok here is my very honest review, which will be flamed because some people just can't handle the truth.

I am sick and tired of Weebl & Bob. They have annoying voices, the jokes are too corny and unfunny and it's totally unintelligent. When I watch a toon, it has to add something to my brain. Something I can laugh at because it is true, or something I can remember because it was so beautiful it made me cry. Or something philosophical that makes me think about it, long after I am done watching it. Weebl & Bob didn't add 1 single point of any of those aspects. It's just annoying and stupid, but that is The Fad today, I guess. To make stuff as stupid as possible with no real educational or artistic value. That's why MTV is so popular. (ironically, W&B has been on MTV)

The reason I give it 3, is only for the effort of compiling the elements together, which itself should be fairly easy, considering there is no real animation, lipsyncing or even proper backgrounds added to this series. Music is cool though, but it's only cool because it plays on our nostalgia buttons of good old 8-bit games.

I find it grotesque that so many wonderful talents are getting bashed or not even recognized when series like this keep getting the frontpage slot because "uuuh, it's the allmighty Weebl who made it". Weebl have made some awesome toons (no doubt), but also lots of crap, and when an artist makes crap, it doesn't need to be praised as "another godlike piece of art". That way, the artist will not learn from his/her mistakes and therefor improve.

If you approve of every single piece of art from the same artist, without some constructive critique, the artist will not really improve, but keep producing crap for people with bad taste. The same goes with Egoraptor. Some of his stuff is nice, but seriously - not ALL of his toons deserve a place on a frontpage.