Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"


Micheal Cera does always play an awkward teenager
But loads of actors play the same stuff
Jack Black is the Rock 'n' roll guy
Adam Sandler is stupid and gets the girl in the end
Owen Wilson is the best friend who acts goofy
Jackie Chan is a mysterious Kung Fu fighter whos after the gold or something
I could go on forever with this list


I've said it before and I'll say it again. You engage in hypocrisy when you make fun of others for doing the same thing over and over again. This is about the 1000th time I've seen you do a weebl and bob cartoon. Also, Micheal Cera being type casted is an old joke. The first time I read it was in rolling stones when Scott P came out. A lack of originality is not something you should be making fun of others for.

TheWeebl responds:

Wait. You're saying making a series is the same as only ever having one character. Interesting.

I liked it

Now, I'm not too fancy with Kenny-like muffled voice talking throughout a whole film, but then again, it's your series and you have your fans so I will not take that fully against you.

Michael Cera, we all know he's heavily type-casted, and Jesse Eisenberg looks awfully like him, and acts like him too. But it's funny how you brought forth all the Cera films together to make a comedic effect. I would also like to compliment you on your choice of music. Loved how Bass Battle was included near the end.

Good work. Scott Pilgrim is amazing.


Yeah good point, but he does it well. And I'm a bit annoyed by all the subliminal advertising but if your getting the moneys then I guess you don't care.

Pretty cool :3 Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it as much as the other Creme parodies I've watched because I didn't get any of the references to Michael Cerra films. I think this one depended a bit too heavily on knowledge of those, but it seemed to be making a funny point in any case. xD