Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"


I've said it before and I'll say it again. You engage in hypocrisy when you make fun of others for doing the same thing over and over again. This is about the 1000th time I've seen you do a weebl and bob cartoon. Also, Micheal Cera being type casted is an old joke. The first time I read it was in rolling stones when Scott P came out. A lack of originality is not something you should be making fun of others for.

TheWeebl responds:

Wait. You're saying making a series is the same as only ever having one character. Interesting.

Just so funny!

I could not stop loling at the end.

Hamburger phone...

Honestly, I love Michael Cera, but it is true that every role he plays is nearly the same (I'm pretty sure he did have a sword in Superbad, but not 100%). My favorite part was how the McLovin egg exploded after touching Scott's glowing sword... wait, that came out wrong. Ah well, hilarious all the same!


any of you remember that movie with that guy that beat the bad guys and got away with the girl?


I always enjoyed watching this goovies for cadbury creme egg episodes.