Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"

Michael Cera sucks

He freaking ruined Scott Pilgrim for me. I have to say Jesse Eisenberg is a much better actor.

I agree

Michael Cera cannot act, I noticed it when he played the same character in 3 movies and continued to do so in every subsequent movie.

I liked it

Now, I'm not too fancy with Kenny-like muffled voice talking throughout a whole film, but then again, it's your series and you have your fans so I will not take that fully against you.

Michael Cera, we all know he's heavily type-casted, and Jesse Eisenberg looks awfully like him, and acts like him too. But it's funny how you brought forth all the Cera films together to make a comedic effect. I would also like to compliment you on your choice of music. Loved how Bass Battle was included near the end.

Good work. Scott Pilgrim is amazing.

Oh, that explains it then...

I loved this, 5th Best Weebl so far! :D


Hey haters, don't be trollin. If you don't likes, go look up tentalcle porn or whatever you do in your spare time instead of being a jackass :3

Good movie btw ^^