Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"

Michael Cera

I like Michael Cera.
I love Scott Pilgrim.
Do I like this?

Not really that funny.....

I didn't really like this at all......it just wasn't really all that funny

Art was good though.....


I suppose if you found Weebl stuff funny 10 years ago, you might find this funny. It was animated well, but there's certain "schticks" I never really understood why they were so popular. This was one of them. 5 for animation.

..where you play an awkard teenager? ALL OF THEM!!

Michael Cera is my favorite actor from Superbad to Scott Pilgram vs. The World (also my favorite movie)


Yeah good point, but he does it well. And I'm a bit annoyed by all the subliminal advertising but if your getting the moneys then I guess you don't care.