Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"

i have

watched all of the moveis that was said here so i thought it was funny. =)

these dares are to much fun

so keep them dares a comein


I guess if you havent seen the films it doesnt make much sense. still I though it was pretty FUNNEH!


HELL YES!!!!!!


Haha. I think to understand this, people would have to have seen Juno, Super Bad, and Scott Pilgrim. I laughed pretty hard to this. I loved it, especially that last part. The guy playing Bob Pilgrim kind of sounds like Cartman as well. Was this intentional, or just a side effect of "Egg speak"? : 3

I am looking forward to your other Egg animations, since this is the first I have seen. (Of course I have seen many of your other animations, mostly music videos) Great job!

Super bad > Scott Pilgrim > Juno. Although I only liked one part from Scott Pilgrim.