Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"

dont know

i dont really want to review this bad, weebl, you do great stuff. but somehow i dont like your egg-cartoons, especially not this one

the ideas are good and funny, the eggs are always easy to identify as what the should display. theres not much to not like about them, only the fact they dont speak bothers me, even more in contrast to the speaking gideon

actually voicing them would make them much better in my opinion

poor michael cerra

they made i good point about cerra he could expand his horizons.

weebl your too smart about culture for your own good.


GOD. Weebl is SO GOOD AT CULTURAL SATIRE. I so very much want to review his stuff, but there's nothing to say!! It reminds me of what good entertainment is!

I'm still laughing

OMFG S.P. Vs. The World is my fave movie but that was hilarious "ALL OF THEM!!!"


I completely agree with your view of that one actor. I've had that exact same conversation multiple times. ;)