Reviews for "Bob Pilgrim"

good stuff!!

good animation as always

Very funny!

I love the Juno reference! the Weebl and Bob stuff is comedy gold!


I freaking love Scott Pilgrim and this was really funny. It is true that Cera can't really play many roles. But it was a good short. Hooray for Arrested Development references!
Always money in the banana stand


These episodes always make me crave some Creme Eggs. Luckily I have a couple boxes next to my computer since I stocked up after watching your last episode.


It's back!

Scott Pilgrim was one of my all-time favorite movies so it's great you're doing a parody of it! It was pretty funny when you mentioned all the other movies that actor has been in. Hey, he plays an awkward teenager because well, he is one! It is nice to see those Cadbury Creme Eggs when it is actually getting around Easter time. This was a much more enjoyable way of celebrating it than the movie I just saw "Hop". It's hard to go wrong with the animation team of Weebl and ZekeySpaceyLizard.

Superbad is also one of my all-time favorite movies! Man, this kid was in a lot of great movies. I did not like how it was anti-climatic but it is a parody so it was not intended to have a lot of action anyway. The animation was all around fantastic with how much detail was in everything. I still don't understand what the intro movies mean.