Reviews for "Picma Squared"

Great game

The images are well done for such a small scale of resolution and the resulting pictures are a nice surprise at the end of each puzzle. It's a little tough, but it makes finishing each puzzle that much more rewarding.


This game is fun and challenging. Didn't do all the levels, but the game is great!

Not bad dude .

I'm not the kind of person who likes to play logic games but in overall not bad concept of art , gameplay nonetheless fun if i was the kind who loved this kind of games . Sorry i wasn't able to appreciate this kinds of games but i'm not really into this types of games . i would say the colourblind-friendly feature means that you know other great puzzle solvers so are colour blind but no offense . :) so you should play the game if you like puzzles do not down rate it for its a puzzle game .

Pretty cool :O

I'm enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would :)

Minesweeper live again

Cool game. Clearly you have played a lot a minesweeper. Oh Windows 3.1..... Anyway you did a nice job on building on the Minesweeper game. I also like that if you mess up you don't have start all over like when I would do the massive boards in minesweeper. If you are reading this and too young to know what I am referring to hear look it up.