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Reviews for "PsychoPhage"

Fun game

Nice adventure side scrolling shooter game. Like the story mode and everything. Can't really see anything wrong with the game so 10/10. :)

Nice platformer! Only one problem...

You have quite a solid game there, and I enjoy playing it! There's just one problem, though... In one of the levels, there was a blue crystal that could only be reached by wall-jumping, but I didn't know how to do it just yet. Then, once I learned and mastered wall-jumping in-game, I was bummed to find out I couldn't go back to previous levels, or to the beginning of the game altogether, and clearing browsing history did not allow me to restart! Clearing Flash Player history is out of the question, as doing so would inevitably clear the data of all games I play on NewGrounds, and having to use the other game difficulty (Psycho mode) just to try completing the game is just not fun, it's ridiculous!
So, final verdict: a very nice game! Just give it a data-reset function, and we're all good to go!


i loved the game..
but its just a bit too easy

Nice game.

Well done. This is a nice game. I enjoyed it.

However, few points still missing :
-New upgrade. Instead of increase bullet speed ..., get homing bullet, fast bullet, high jump, fast speed ....
-Different "Diying sound" for different creature. Every one got the same, quite boring.
-Having the story told by "screen" is not really good I think. Getting voice or something else than 2 sentence should be better.

Final : Great job, this is still a nice game.

c3d responds:

Good points, thanks


This is just a standard platformer to me, the concept doesnt stand out as unique or original, but the execution was pretty well done. Overall not a bad game!