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Reviews for "Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom"

it looked like the crappiest game in the world but

when i played it i played for like an hour straight its awesome


i really liked this game and i could run away from the wall when i was next to it, so i don't know why people are saying that i should run into it. but this game can get quite boring :(=


great although i only hade a 60 second doom surf...<3


I could tottally see this in an arcade! I love riding the pteridactyles, and the part with the fossils. I got an 8 second doom surf too. When I play this game I find myself tensly hunched over the keyboard. Great Job!

good but i do agree with skyewintrest

If you see the black wall and you are going up a hill you might as well just turn around and run into it. Still entertaining tho