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Reviews for "Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom"

i dont know what to say..

at first it was an "OK" game but i got bored quickly.

I'm a bit upset, honestly.

When I first played Dino Run 2 years ago or so, I loved it. I eventually grew bored and stopped playing.
I saw this and I was very happy that there was a sequal. But alas! The full game is three dollars! And I don't have three dollars!
But I love you guys anyways so I suppose I'll buy it if I ever do get three dollars.

Great Job

This, like the first one, is a really fun and exciting adrenaline packed race for your prehistoric life. (+10)
An aspect that I really miss was the customization for the Dino. It added that variety that said "My Dino much cooler then yours!" and would have looked awesome if you showcased the Top 3 players' Dinos in the scoreboards. (-1)
Also, there seemed to be a minor glitch that was a little annoying. When ever I "Doomed Surfed" for more then 5 Seconds, the next time that I would start It would always be in the doom aura (Red & Black) no matter how far away I was. And it actually turned normal colors when I was close to The Doom. (-1)
Other then that it was a really good game and I look forward to playing all the games that you guys pump out. :D

Well done

Very simple yet addicting game. I enjoy it and often find myself playing a round or two when i have a few moments to spare. Good job.

Is it just me or...

...I can't go to the multiplayer version. :(