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Reviews for "Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom"

Good game, but...

there is one little problem. I enjoy this game, I enjoyed the first. However, the problem that I noticed (which appears in the other one, but is offset by the breaks) is that if you touch something, you will stop. If you try to run up a hill, you're slowed down by an extremely large degree. If something touches you from behind, you are stopped, even if it would appear to be pushing you. Basically, if you get caught like that... three times, you are dead. If you get caught with several other dinosaurs and a few rocks, you are dead. If you even hear the doom wall, you might as well turn around and run into it, provided you aren't right next to the end. I enjoy the game, I really do, but with these it's just... not as fun.


pretty good game! it got repetitive but it kept me entertained

Run, dinosaur!

It is great to see the next entry in this cool dinosaur game series! What's really cool is that it can be fairly easy as you just have to keep on running most of the time. It still manages to be difficult, particularly with how the bigger dinosaurs get in your way. It's amazing how many shades you are able to show in something featuring pixels. The sounds are good, especially with how the dinosaur jumps up and down. It was fairly easy to collect the eggs (say, that reminds me, it's getting close to Easter).

I could not understand how it worked with the pterodactyls picking you up. It was a nice little thing anyway. The funniest part was how you could just eat the little dinosaurs that got in your way. It's just entertaining to see how nimble this little dinosaur happens to be. I never knew that running from a meteor crushing you could be so cute.

Holy shit!

The doom wall scared the shit out of me!


although it is a great game at the start it get repetitive