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Reviews for "Space is Key"

I'm so proud of myself!

I actually endured 494 deaths and finished level 15!
Excellent game, very addicting. Ridiculously hard. I think it took me more than half my deaths to get through levels 10-15. I'm not complaining, though. It's nice to play a hard, fast and simple game. Music was good, fits the game perfectly. Colour choice on some of the levels was not that nice, but not serious enough to reduce my rating. The big comments were funny, if a bit irritating.
All in All, 10/10

i liked it

idk what everyones hatin on, i thought it was pretty fun. frustrating yes but it wouldnt be as good if it was hard. 820 deaths lol


the game was simple yet addicting. the music was good too. in my opinion you did not add enough of a delay after dying

OK, to say the most.

The gameplay was simple, the music was good at least, but the color choice was awful for a few levels and the difficulty was punishing. Level 10 was infuriating, and I just gave up at level 12 because I really didn't feel like playing this game for another half hour just to see the same level concepts three more times.

lol its fun, anoying but fun :)

622 deaths, not bad :L enjoyed it, and there was a bit of humor there which kept it more interesting... good game