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Reviews for "Space is Key"


Really fun and addicting!


i beat it with 117 deaths great music good concept its not one of those game that take forever to figure out graphics are ok they could be better my overall rating is 10/10!!!!!!


deaths.... extemely addictive... fun...... frustrating.........hard........ annoying...... all in all A VERY GOOD GAME
Its those kinds of games that I say " WHY WOULD SOMEBODY MAKE THIS KIND OF GAME D:< " that really make me happy. in the end when you finish it, you happy you succeeded. The colors were hypnotizing like i saw shapes that were not on the screen. the music was nerve rackingly addictive, and the whole idea of the game was pretty niffty. I salute you sir slasher, keep it up! Let's give him a cheer boyz! FOR SLASHER!


Colors made my eyes hurt
Music made my ears hurt
Game play made my brain hurt
Not original
Not creative
Not fun

Simple. Difficult.

I died 666 times. A lot of the levels seemed absolutely impossible to get through. The graphics were simple, the color changes completely wrecked my ability to comprehend what was happening, and yet I played through all 15 levels to the end. I didn't swear, I didn't throw a 12 year old hissy fit. For a game to keep me coming back to torture myself, that has to mean something. Either I'm a glutton for pain or this was, in fact, a really fun game.

I'm going with the latter. I loved this game.