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Reviews for "Space is Key"

Want Medals!

I Would love to see Newgrounds Medals for low death counts!

The game was short and frantic, which is a great combination. The song is REALLY good! My only other remark is that the choise of colors was a bit bland at times. Loved the challenge and the energy, great game!


Beautiful, it's charmingly frustrating.

Not too bad

Simple games can be simply fun. I would have liked to see color changes on the geometry though, make it all crazy and whatnot. I got bored of those ugly colors.

Also I had 808 deaths, and it looks like BOB when it shows it at the end.

back to the 80's

gr8 game :o) so fiendishly simple fun and frustrating.... tink me brainz on fire :op


Awesome game, reminds me a lot of The Impossible Game. Really forces the player to be precise, and doesn't do like most games and fuck up the hit boxes. Amazing work. Frustrating, but amazing. And the douchey commentary was a nice touch. Honestly, if it wasn't for it making me want to see what it would say next, I probably would have rage quit after the 10th level.
Keep up the great work.