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Reviews for "Space is Key"

Only died 390 times! :D

Very simple game but also very hard! It's not even about timing sometimes you can only count on your luck. ^^
BTW.. The music is very annoying! xD

1001 deaths

I shit you not, I died in every imaginable way on every single level.

Fantastic and EXTREMELY hard

Being as I absolutely suck at this game (died 1097 times before finishing) it was an extremely...different kind of game. Very simple, so simple it's astounding. I enjoyed the comments throughout playing, they made me want to finish. That says something as to you as a developer, being you made me want to play the game. I'm interested in ALL of your games now, so +1 favorite artist.

nice game

I gave a 9 because it can get a little well boring after you play for like 25 min.

Nice and hard.

605 deaths XD i fail.