Reviews for "Space is Key"


I hate this game. LOL. Yeah, you could add at least one more song, cuz dis one? Made me cry after listening to it the x-th time.

Too easy, I WANT MOAR

Loved the simple concept. Great, yet again, simple art. BUT THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE LEVELS, MOAR DIFFICULT. It only took me a few minutes to beat this, I want like, a couple hours of gameplay. :P Ok, maybe not that long, but with such a simple concept, it could quite easily match ball revamped.

Can't wait for the sequel (Hint hint)


This was so extremely addicting, but at the same time increasingly maddening. My spacebar got a workout for sure.

448 deaths...

And one satisfied flash gamer later, this game was amazing. Even though it took a few minutes, it is such a fast paced game that it never felt like I was truely being punished for "dieing". Thus, all it took was a few tweaks each tier, each level, to get the jumping just right. A right good little time waster you've made here, I must say!

unoriginal concept

been done years ago with city jumper.