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Reviews for "Space is Key"

396 deaths

Even though they're not part of the game, the comments made me laugh "mmmm....pie" "you want a slice"

that was epic...

we need MOAR levels.... and medals!!! :D this game is freakishly addictive my friend... you have created a winner... and the music is so awesome! i died so many times (778) thats its stuck in my head!


It is awesum! But I have a problem; I was texting while playing it, thus stacking some extra deaths. I'd like to try to get as few deaths as possible, but don't really feel like playing same levels all over again. Solution? Make a goddamn sequel!! :D

Also, some kind of bar chart would be pretty nice in the end, to see how many times you died at given level :P

I've played this countless times now.

I keep trying to get better and better. So addicting...

Current High Score: 108. Most of that was on lvl 9 and 14.


why didn't I come up with this =/