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Reviews for "Space is Key"

Great Game

Short and addictive, perfect. Got through with 283. It was hard but not frustratingly so, great idea!

Straight up AWESOME!!!

I died 1239 times but totaly worth it!


That was fun.

Quite an amusing little game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Such a simple concept is right, the only thing you can do is jump! The one thing I'd have liked is to have some command to start when you die. There may be a delay, but it's only a half-second, and you still basically have to jump the instant you die...

However, other than that, no complaints.

Concept: 10/10 Genius for a basic mini-game.
Gameplay: 8/10 My only complaint is listed above. Otherwise, it'd be great. However, with that problem, you get many more deaths than necessary.
Music: 9/10 Fits perfectly with the game, and is quite amusing to listen to. "Blippblipp" indeed.

Total: A solid 9/10. Great work!

On a side note, my death count was 284. :P Wish there were a way to submit it and see how everyone did other than through the reviews.

Dude seriously!

935 Deaths! Give me my medal NOW!!!!! I thought I would never get past lvl 10 til I got to lvl 14 lol

F-ing Hard But Finish

Piss me off like crazy but beat it at 354 deaths hard, and fun game