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Reviews for "Lights On Vacuum Chamber Open"

This song is magnificent in it's bizarreness. I honestly am not sure what more could be done to it.

Well done indeed!

secantwave responds:

Wow, thank you very much!

love it, when i listen to this i imagine floating in space while asteroids and satellites slowly soar by me.
great job, mesmerizing song, favorited.
- Pandasticality

For an abstract piece like this (usually not a fan of these) it's pretty good! The percussion at the beginning parts were spot on. I really started liking it when a melody started kicking in at around 2:00. Really gives off a mysterious atmosphere. The only thing negative I could think about saying is that there was one certain percussion sound you used that I didn't really like. Can't really explain how it sounded like really. It plays a lot throughout the song, but it plays twice in between 3:05 and 3:06. Overall, really good piece. I could see it being in a videogame. 4/5

secantwave responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful review! I was definitely going for a mysterious atmosphere with this piece, and I'm glad that came across in the final product, despite the abstraction.
I think I know which percussive sound you're referring to. I'm personally quite fond of it (as you can probably tell), but I can see why it might not be your cup of tea. (For what it's worth, that sound was the one that got messed up by the MP3 compression--weird audiophile excuse, I know, but maybe that has something to do with it.)
Glad you enjoyed it!