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Reviews for "Pressure"

Awesome! In the first 7 seconds I wasn't sure what I thought about it, but once the shots started, I immediately knew this was going to be an awesome listen. I have to say that my favourite part is probably the strings in the higher octave at the 50 second mark. I can see why you didn't really know how to classify this song though, it's definitely unique, but I think of that as a huge plus. Just wanted to let you know that I really liked this piece!

awsome song

what's up with the tags? lol

nice VIP remix of your original song! though, i think i may like the original better... this is tight though! :)

Classic Zajed but with a twist. Just wish you could spread your style a bit.

Its been a long long time Mr Zajed, and still you amaze me with your music. Loving this from beginning to end. Usually when i listen to a song in general i think of ways i would improve it however what i'm hearing here has no way i could ever think of anything to improve meaning i feel its damned perfect as it is. Great work buddy and keep it up! Hope ya haven't forgotten me =)