Reviews for "Little Liquidator"

good games that needs upgrades

only found 2 skins


Took me ages but i got them all the secret skin is quite creepy o.o *SPOILER* its a Pure black squid with glowing big white eyes and white blood and ink o.o the eyes are round and never change *SPOILER END*

Simple but fun

This is fun... for about 5 minutes. I guess i'll repeat what everyone else is saying: expand the gameplay with upgrades! Upgrades make people feel like they're being productive playing your game, it makes them feel like there's a point to killing those lobsters, and that point is to beef up the squid so it can kill more lobsters lol.

Good Game

Good Game Could Have Used Some Upgrades Tough Would Be Much Better


this game is nice i really got the hang of it on the second try it takes time to get better at this game its a pretty well done game.