Reviews for "Red Dragon Rampage"

This is the shit :d

I really wanna make a game like this bad ass i really wanna draw after watching gonzos art :D

Eye candy artwork

The graphics do a lot for this game. Gonzo's art style is really unique and just a pleasure to look at. Everything about the graphics is just a pro for this game.
The gameplay itself of course is sort of held back by the lack of revisions, leading to the bugs many others are pointing out. I honestly experienced no lag, though. That may be because I kept it at low quality, satisfied with how well it still looked. What really kinda threw me off was when the big guys reached half health and were able to be lifted. I was clicking away at their health before, so suddenly it looks weird picking them up and dropping them. I'm sure you can figure out a solution for this little problem, though.
Despite this game being released a bit early and therefor not quite altogether, it was fun and I'm sure I could play it for quite a while. Defense games usually get me hooked and Gonzo's great artwork just magnifies the enjoyment. Also, props for the combination of click and drop - two play styles in defense games often kept separate.
I know this game isn't altogether yet, but I know when it's finished it'll be deserving of a perfect score, and I won't get to review it twice, so I'll give you guys the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, I would've given it a perfect score anyway.

Pretty Cool Man

Your art really makes it fun to play.

What sucks though is that I'm seeing allot of copy-cats on other gaming websites that are essentially following the same formula as you are.

But it's your art style that really shines out and makes the game fun to play.

Great job both of you!

Seriously though, you need to find a way to port your games to Apps stores.

Awesome ^.^

I loved toss the turtle and this is cool too! :D
keep makin moar awesum games =3

Great game

The game is very good. And the upgrades make it interesting. And it's very challenging.

The biggest glaring issue here, for me, was that whenever I would get into a boss battle, Namely, the Rock Thrower, the big dragons HP deletes instantly. Went from 88% to 0% in 2 seconds without the boss even showing up! So that issue, you should try and fix asap. I'll hold of judgement for now, til it's fixed. Great game, though! 10 Star potential!