Reviews for "Red Dragon Rampage"

very good game i very like it but its one thing that i dont like it no gave achivments

3 words... HARD AS HELL. (sounds funny) the dad dragon dies too easily, the enemies are too strong, and when i buy a knight, archer or a builder, they die within 1 wave, even when trained. If these were fixed i would be able to enjoy the game more.

Nice graphics of course. But here are a few glitches, the canon and archers and everyone else you can buy disappear after one round. Plus you should probably make real medals for replay value, but I do not really know that much I am just starting out.

It's vry glitchy and should be fixed and have medals added...

i want to love and i would if it wasn't so glitchy every time i try to buy somthing its like "are you sure" but there is no way to confirm the buy PLEASE FIX