Reviews for "Red Dragon Rampage"

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I would have liked this game if it had better programming....
Upgrades do not work in the pause menu, and anything upgraded (outside the pause menu) stops at level 2 (but it is really level 1, and keeps zapping $500 from your balance each time you want to upgrade). Controls do not respond very well at all, especially with the dragon having to claw and/or pick up enemies directly. The gym hardly helps at all for mercenaries who die easily, and sometimes the poop bombs simply stop altogether, even WITH upgrades. If these things could be fixed, I'm sure MANY more people would enjoy this game.
Sorry man, this one was a flop. :'(

A game like this deserves medals and that would make it better. But good game though.

I like the game. but the game play is fucking horrible it lags and the controls are uncooperative.

ahh way to many glitches, it seamed fun at first but it keeps glitching... like the sound loops and the big dragon just started taking damage for no reason