Reviews for "Red Dragon Rampage"

It's not really finished.

If it was, however, it could be a great game. I hope to see a version of this game without so many bugs. It could be great.

Good artwork, by the way.

hmmm i really scare myself ...

... i like bloody games a little toooo much. but then again, america does too!!!! :D

it should have medals!!

D: nice game by the way

ty daddy

son:ty for the help of shit and fire to pretect ur shit daddeh: wait ur pretecting my shit son:of course its the most powerful bomb ever why do u think that the castle is sending these people to kill u daddeh: ummmmm..becouse ima dragon and i kill the prince in the castle son: whtever

damn you!

this game is so much fun on one hand, on the other it'll piss you off to the point of rectal implosion. it has more bugs than most porn stars