Reviews for "Red Dragon Rampage"


i died one time, and then all of a sudden when i select next wave, my daddy dragon implodes... and it keeps happening. based on that this gets a lower score than it would have

It's not really finished.

If it was, however, it could be a great game. I hope to see a version of this game without so many bugs. It could be great.

Good artwork, by the way.

hmmm i really scare myself ...

... i like bloody games a little toooo much. but then again, america does too!!!! :D

it should have medals!!

D: nice game by the way

ty daddy

son:ty for the help of shit and fire to pretect ur shit daddeh: wait ur pretecting my shit son:of course its the most powerful bomb ever why do u think that the castle is sending these people to kill u daddeh: ummmmm..becouse ima dragon and i kill the prince in the castle son: whtever