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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Pretty nice.

The controls are decent, and the game isn't glitchy or buggy, my only complaint is that the graphics look like they were drawn on mspaint.

Rhete responds:

The graphics were drawn in good old flash 4!

I guess deadbeats and welfare queens are critics?

When I want a blockbuster game I have to pay a blockbuster price. When I bite that bullet I start downloading in Steam, or put a disc in my 360 or PS3 and have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting. I don't come to Newgrounds for high-res graphics or to hear Tricia Helfer or Claudia Black in the game. I come to spend some of my time checking out what dedicated, underground creators are pouring their hearts and souls into. At worst, some of my time is wasted. At best, I get to experience something new with some emotion in it.

Hunters: Relic of the Stars has character; more than id or Epic have bothered to scrape together for any of their releases from the last decade. The gameplay is enjoyable and challenging enough that I wasn't able to just prance through to the credits at my first attempt. The story is pretty cliché, but it was refreshingly honest and easy to follow instead of trying to hide the lack of a provocative narrative through obscurity like many of the more recognizable indie titles have resorted to.

I'm going to dock 2 points for the checkpoint system which could have been a bit more generous after some of the more enemy-filled rooms, but give a bonus point for all these negative reviews. Nothing is more entertaining than observing a bunch of deadbeats and welfare queens getting something for nothing and parroting excuses to continue being intellectually small with integrity to match their pitiful bank accounts. 5/5 9/10.

I like it

Well not enough for replaying, but I played on hard and it was challenging. I never give a sh*t about graphic, so those eyecandy noob made me lol so hard too. Playing game on easy because they like to look at everything instead of being focused on the game and staying alive is not the way I see gaming.

(You may think "oh my god you're so mean calling us noob". I say: Give respect to the artist if you want respect yourself.)

Pretty cool

I enjoyed this. Not really spectacular as far as Contra-types can get, but the characters really come alive and the bosses are a lot of fun.

I can't wait to see more!

(also it would be funny to see a cross over from Inthri, once this series gets going)

Great overall

It is a great game, but I think you could have added more emotion to your characters. Other than that, awesome.