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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

i love this game!

i love any game that uses voice work! it adds so much!

well done - i didnt have time to beat it but ill be back!

Solid Platformer

music is good voice acting adds a nice touch to the game boss fights are interesting this game definitely has the vibe of other plat-formers like Metroid and Castlevania my only complaints are the enviroments in each area were too simlar in backgrounds and enemy AI slowly develops different attacks but solid overall good job.


I'm not surprised that this game has been so poorly received. Flashgames these days pretty much always need to look great right away, otherwise people just won't give them a chance. I figured this would have to be good in order to make it's way to the front page, and I guess I was right. Terrific effort guys. I'm impressed.

Rhete responds:

Thanks! And yeah, style over substance is all the rage these days. Tom Fulp liked it enough to give me a shot though!


Thanks for finally releasing something with a little originality and personality. Don't worry about people complaining about the graphics (which worked great for this game) they're the reason why games mostly suck these days.

No complaints. Everything looked great. Please make more!

Rhete responds:

More is coming soon! :)

Awesome game!

Loved the voice acting and the superb controls. The game is very fluid and the plot is excellent for a flash game. I can not 10 this hard enough.