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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Gotta agree with Jefferson

U should add a btn so when it's held you stand still, so you can aim vertically and stuff. Also more weps, upgrades, and use a thickness of .25 for bg outlines and of at least 1 for foreground elements. It's rare to see this quality of gameplay, but animation quality this bad too. If you need help in the drawing sh!t department, hit me up, or any1 on NG for that matter. I'm currently working on an rpg of my own, but I can take a break to help make some quality stuff on here.

Enjoyed it.

I played this all the way through n despite obvious things I found it very amusing. This game is reminiscent of the original duke nukem games. The controls were solid however I think a double jump mechanic for possibly "harder" platforming would be cool. The gameplay itsself was easy yet enjoyable. Loved the 3 "bosses". The one with the machine gun guy reminded me of this boss from an old school Robocop game xD .People keep saying "omgwtfwheredagraphics" etc, but I think the sorta childishly cartoonish nature adds to the games appeal. Could it be better ? Sure, but theres really nothing to complain about. If you were attempting to make an old school Duke Nukem'esque(obviously) game you succeeded. Only thing I could recommend is maybe a few more puzzle elements unless that goes against your "vision" of the series. Also, some alternate path's leading to a secret of some sort or possibly some lore. Maybe an underlying theme that isnt really present unless you obsessively explore. Possibly alternate endings based on completion or finding of said "secrets". Thats about the only ideas I can think of. All in all, you've created a nice throwback flash game. Enjoyed it. Keep the levels coming :P

Rhete responds:

Thanks for the review. For the most part, the game is very linear, but there are some well hidden routes and secrets in the upcoming levels. There's even a few easter eggs in stage 1 I don't think anyone has found yet.

Also, don't expect any puzzle elements, but do expect the action to ramp up considerably in the later stages.

really good

nice idea and animation

Don't know why

It seems like I should not like this game because the graphics are not impressive at all. I was able to look past all that and realize how cool of a game this actually was! The best part was how everything was just so straightforward. I did not like it how the villians seemed to reform after you had killed them in a part of the level. I did like it how every enemy seems to have a unique design and style of attack. It reminded me of a classic platformer like the Mario games.

I never played the Metroid games so I would not understand how this is like them. I just loved how you could bring up the screen to show wherever you need to go. It was kind of like each level ended when you went to a destination. I can tell a lot of work was put into how complicated this game was. You guys really set up a world of your own.


This is very good .. congratulations :D
Im gonna play the other stages now :P
I just don't like when you get out of one "division" after killing the enemies in it and then enter again in the division and the enemies are there again :S