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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Gotta agree with Jefferson

U should add a btn so when it's held you stand still, so you can aim vertically and stuff. Also more weps, upgrades, and use a thickness of .25 for bg outlines and of at least 1 for foreground elements. It's rare to see this quality of gameplay, but animation quality this bad too. If you need help in the drawing sh!t department, hit me up, or any1 on NG for that matter. I'm currently working on an rpg of my own, but I can take a break to help make some quality stuff on here.


This is a great game too bad Rina is doing voice work... -1 point for that.

yeah cool!

I looove this game is too cool!!!

I'll keep playing, but...

...Exlipse and Madwon are right about the graphics. Look Rhete, I know that you have a substance over style approach, and that not every flash should look like Adam Phillips, Ferguson Winston, or SunnyGOES. However, it's not an excuse to keep drawing like you had for years. Take a look at Press Start, which is also known for spartan visuals, but at least Kevin Folliard knows a few artistic basics such as propotions, anatomy, and construction. In addition, the lip sync was badly done and was off at times. On the other hand, it was very clever of you to not mirror the player graphics (Something that usually irks me), it didn't lag very often, and you did a good job on the guns.
Sound: This is a bit of a mixed bag here. On one hand, I really like the music selection from the Audio Portal, and it's not easy to find fitting music there. On the other hand, the sound effects and the voice acting are just bleh. Firstly, the sound effects aren't fitting considering that most of them are from FlashKit. I mean, a handgun that sounds like a rifle is quite jarring. Second, aside from Avior (the red haired guy), the voices were either stiff (the commander) or annoying (the female voices). Plus, by having Rina-Chan in this you're going to piss off Spazkid and the other guys behind Street Fighter Chode.
Content: The gameplay is what pretty much saved this from getting a much lower score. For starters, using the keyboard to aim was rather nice since using a tablet mouse can be quite cumbersome although the option to aim without moving would have been nice. While the pace of both the story and the gameplay could have been faster, it was fun to explore the spaceship for a bit. However, the dialogue sounded cheesy, but got the point across none-the-less.

What I do like:
-Good gameplay
-Something different
-Nice music selection and sound test
-Difficulty settings.
-Having a minimap was nice...

What I dislike:
-...but the exploration felt forced due to the plot.
-Aside from Avior, the voices were weak.
-Sub-par sound effects.
-Outdated graphics
-Slow story and cheesy dialogue
-A fixed-aiming option would have been nice.

Overall: While I can't overlook this game's flaws, it's too addicting to dismiss it as cheaply made because the effort was there. Therefore, I'm going to be fair and give you a seven out of ten.

Solid Platformer

music is good voice acting adds a nice touch to the game boss fights are interesting this game definitely has the vibe of other plat-formers like Metroid and Castlevania my only complaints are the enviroments in each area were too simlar in backgrounds and enemy AI slowly develops different attacks but solid overall good job.