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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

This is fun

Whoever said that the graphics were bad are freaking idiots.They're actually nice. Controls were fine, gameplay was smooth, unfortunately the voices at the beginning were not synced with the mouths. But other than that it was fine.

But it could have just been my computer.

A good game...

...with unfortunate graphics. I think the gameplay was quite good, I appreciated the fact that the robots could jump down platforms, and that gunfire likewise knocked them off of the ones they were on. While I'm not always a fan of Rina-chan's voice in everything, for this project it fit quite well; all the voice acting was great. I encountered no bugs, the programming was very solid, and overall it was more than I typically expect from this style of game on Newgrounds.

I only wish it had better graphics, not really because it affected me, but because I know it would have been much better received. I really think it is a great game personally, even with its graphical shortcomings. Don't let those who simply turn away without even playing it convince you otherwise, it's a job well done.

kinda... bad

the animation and drawings are kinda bad, the graphics bore me and nothing really got me hooked. it also has alot of bugs.

Rhete responds:

No no no no no, you know what, fuck you. I don't care if people call the graphics bad, whatever, but don't you fucking dare try to say it has a lot of bugs without actually mentioning a single one, you goddamn liar.

Pretty nice.

The controls are decent, and the game isn't glitchy or buggy, my only complaint is that the graphics look like they were drawn on mspaint.

Rhete responds:

The graphics were drawn in good old flash 4!


I'm not surprised that this game has been so poorly received. Flashgames these days pretty much always need to look great right away, otherwise people just won't give them a chance. I figured this would have to be good in order to make it's way to the front page, and I guess I was right. Terrific effort guys. I'm impressed.

Rhete responds:

Thanks! And yeah, style over substance is all the rage these days. Tom Fulp liked it enough to give me a shot though!