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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

What is the deal with the disproprtional uploads?

I can't give any good ratings till the size issue is addressed.

Rhete responds:

I honestly have no idea what you mean by this.

Thanks for the zero though.

Nice, very nice.

I liked everything about this game, from the attitude of the protagonist to the overall level design and controls. It would be nice if the main character could jump higher.
Also, the artwork of the characters could use a little touch up. I like the anime style, it just need a little more detail. Overall, nice game, just don't do what a lot of people on newgrounds have done and make one awesome game, promise a sequel and never deliver.

Rhete responds:

Thanks for the review, and don't worry, all six stages are complete and will be uploaded soon! I'm not sure on the exact release schedule yet, but I promise there will be a continuation, and it won't be that far away. Probably within a week at the most. Stage 1 is also the shortest stage, so there is a lot more to come!

just one thing

my only complaint about it is that i didnt have sounds on, so i played the whole game without knowing whats the story was about. maybe subtitles could be an option, dont know, just saying. but the game is pretty good, even though the graphics are "bad" like some said, it played very smooth and i didnt need to change the quality to run in my netbook. no bugs at all. and dont know why, but the begining of the game kinda reminded me of Jet Force Gemini, any relation? great work by the way

Rhete responds:

Aww, I would definitely recommend playing with sound, for all the awesome audio portal music, and all the voices too of course.

I haven't actually ever played Jet Force Gemini and know very little about it, but I do know that the final boss of it, Mizar, has the same name as my games main antagonist, so there may be a few more unintended similarities between the two.

Good Game

I think this was great. The voice acting sounded good, and it was well animated in the cut scenes. Yeah it could have been more realistic, but that's not what the authors were going for. The gameplay is good, I think there's room for improvement but there's always sequels. Jumping is a little spotty, could have had more choices in the gun selection, even for "chapter 1" but still, good.

Rhete responds:

The game intentionally starts with her standing in outer space, realism was definitely not a main concern. ;)

are you kidding me..!?

The voice acting is great, how come you put in such lousy artwork?
Or are you showing us off how good you can draw in mspaint :)
dont misunderstand me i think its kinda cool in a quirky way
But I also think that, this game would have been more fun playing if it were set up in more of a NES style.
i hope that makes sense :D

keep it up though!