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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

I guess deadbeats and welfare queens are critics?

When I want a blockbuster game I have to pay a blockbuster price. When I bite that bullet I start downloading in Steam, or put a disc in my 360 or PS3 and have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting. I don't come to Newgrounds for high-res graphics or to hear Tricia Helfer or Claudia Black in the game. I come to spend some of my time checking out what dedicated, underground creators are pouring their hearts and souls into. At worst, some of my time is wasted. At best, I get to experience something new with some emotion in it.

Hunters: Relic of the Stars has character; more than id or Epic have bothered to scrape together for any of their releases from the last decade. The gameplay is enjoyable and challenging enough that I wasn't able to just prance through to the credits at my first attempt. The story is pretty cliché, but it was refreshingly honest and easy to follow instead of trying to hide the lack of a provocative narrative through obscurity like many of the more recognizable indie titles have resorted to.

I'm going to dock 2 points for the checkpoint system which could have been a bit more generous after some of the more enemy-filled rooms, but give a bonus point for all these negative reviews. Nothing is more entertaining than observing a bunch of deadbeats and welfare queens getting something for nothing and parroting excuses to continue being intellectually small with integrity to match their pitiful bank accounts. 5/5 9/10.

Epic Game Series begins...WTF?

This is not an epic game if you look at the graphics (DUH.), but it's still not epic when I play it. It gets repetitive very fast (Maybe the music involves this too) and the controls are kinda weak. But seriously, An EPIC game series with this quality of graphics and animation? CUMMON! You gotta be kiddin me.
Oh, and the intro...The voice doesn't capture with the characters' mouth movement. That's even more lame than retarded animation for kids in my country.
Sorry, bro.

Pretty darn good

It's great to see you can do serious stuff as well, and do it well. This was actually kind of addicting for me. Some of the later stages were challenging, but sometimes in an odd order - when I got to the warehouse-like part of the stage, that was way harder for me than the boss that came afterward (or maybe it would be more appropriate to call it a miniboss - whatever). Then the game got a bit easy until the final boss, which beat me about 10 times until I actually passed it. The first boss was also a bit easier than the platforming that surrounds it.

One little unnecessarily tough part was in the portion of the game where you teamed up with that one guy. You seemingly arrive at a dead end, and by chance you discover 'oh, that's not a floor, that's an elevator'. It blends in perfectly, which isn't too great. Also, the machine gun feels useless - you don't have to use it at all, and indeed I didn't - there's no knockback when enemies are hit.

I won't spend too much time on the art. I figured people have said enough already. I do realize, however, that it doesn't make the game alone, and in all honesty, you did about as good as I could. Maybe even better. You do have time to improve for future stages, so that's something you might want to consider. Nice talent in the voice-acting department. I especially like the conversations during playtime - they add a lot of atmosphere and dynamics to the game (which is part of the reason why I like Sonic Heroes so much, when few others do). Unlockables are also a plus.

In addition, many nice little touches (thank you for skipping cutscenes if you have to redo portions of the game) demonstrate that you know what you're doing. I can't wait to play the next stages.

Rhete responds:

Thanks for the very detailed review. About the elevator part in particular you made an extremely good point there, I've changed the elevator graphics so they stand out more, to make it more obvious what to do when you reach that room a second time. I'm not sure the update has gone live yet as it needs to get approved, but I posted it last night so hopefully it has.


If I'm not correct, you're the guy who ripped on Moovlin PC... and you've ripped on issues which ironically you don't see a problem with in your own game.

Now, I know this is already getting fairly poor feedback but bare with me, this game isn't in any means bad, it's just the height of mediocrity.

Artwork is pretty simplistic and mostly static, there is not much to see here, locales don't change often, and everything is clearly made with the line tool. Artwork in my opinion usually doesn't matter as long as the game is functional and fun, proven time and time again by games like Minecraft, Fancy Pants, etc.

But even if this game did have nice art, I would probably only give it a 5.

The gameplay is extremely stale and counter intuitive. The jumping button is mapped to X which is really annoying since the intuitive option would be Up, but since that's aiming, the second option would be spacebar, and that's used to pause. So many time I would pause the game instead of jumping. The intuitive option for pausing would be mapping to P, as that is most commonly used.

Second, when you pause, the animations for your character still operate, which just looks sloppy. The game also feels like a clone copy of this other, even shittier game called Prometheus... it feels like a carbon clone with a female protagonist. The controls work smoothly but the enemy designs are few and far between, and I often found myself stuck in corners having to sacrifice health just to escape from a monster.

Despite all that, there is only one other thing that bugged me, you decided to have voices on top of music, which made it really hard to hear.

Anyways, nice effort, there are a ton of great constructive reviews on this already and if you fix a few of the flaws I mentioned on top of others mentioned, this could be really good. Don't listen to dickless shits who just blam it for the sake of blamming without offering any criticism, first hand experience here, it can be really annoying. With the right amount of effort and dedication put into this, this could be a top tier game

If I wanted to play Metroid...

It definitely has a Metroid feel to it, but there's something about it that doesn't fully capture me...

Custom controls in games like these are always nice, regardless of how perfect you think you have them.

It's solid, but rather bland, even with all the questioned posed in the first stage. It's like, if I don't play the next games ever, it wouldn't matter that much.