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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

considering different

it's like an epic game adventure!

Falls short for me.

I consider my ADD to be a fairly reliable barometer when it comes to grading games, and I lost interest in this "epic series" after finding the red ship.
The premise is... "cliché" isn't quite the word I'm looking for, maybe predictable? Overused?
The fact that I'm not a terribly big fan of Rina-chan probably makes me biased. I'm not saying she's a bad VA, I'm just saying I don't think her elocution fit the player character very well.
The music is repetitive and further adds to the monotony and staleness of the gameplay.
As for the graphics, I understand that eye-candy isn't everything, but it shouldn't be neglected altogether, either. This game feels like it was rushed, visually, and didn't particularly appeal to me. I was hoping the story would make up for it, but it was a letdown in that department as well.
The first few minutes is where you really have to hook your gamers, and this just didn't cut it for me, sorry. Points for the map and small tutorial, but it's really nothing ground-breaking or innovative, It feels like a simplified map from a handheld castlevania game.
The biggest thing I would say to work on is appeal. The lack of graphics, the tiresome dialogue and repetitive music killed it for me.

It's a little frustrating

I think 7 is a good score for this game, it's got more than enough to keep any player occupied. That thing I found frustrating was having to kill the same enemies every time I accidentally went into a different room. I also never took the time to finish the game, because I saw you had the C button included to switch weapons (when available) whatever that means. Well I played for a while and I never found any different weapons, and I was a little bit pissed because that little pistol just wasn't going to do it for me. Good try keeping my attention though, good luck with your future games.

Very fun game.

It's like a Metroid/Megaman-esque adventure platform game. I love it!

I like it

Well not enough for replaying, but I played on hard and it was challenging. I never give a sh*t about graphic, so those eyecandy noob made me lol so hard too. Playing game on easy because they like to look at everything instead of being focused on the game and staying alive is not the way I see gaming.

(You may think "oh my god you're so mean calling us noob". I say: Give respect to the artist if you want respect yourself.)