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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"


reminds me of zillion,so it aint a bad.

Rhete responds:

A friend of mine compared it to Zillion too. I've never actually played it, I probably should

please add a pause button

like I said in the title add a pause button. and the graphics are terrible. Other than that this is a good game. Very Metroid like

Rhete responds:

Press space to pause!

good but

i accidently pressed the quit button i would have to restart the whole game over again. other than that great music and gameplay. almost perfect.

Rhete responds:

You wouldn't have to restart the whole thing, the game saves automatically at most checkpoints.

wtf man

try to make it easier

Rhete responds:

oh ho, if you think this one is hard, you're gunna hate the rest... better play on easy mode if you aren't already.

Graphics is a factor

People either give a 4 for its graphics or say that graphics is an unsignificant part of a game. But face the fact, graphics is an important aspect of a game.

A platformer like this can have good control, nice enemy setting, interesting puzzles, ambient music etc. WITH COOL GRAPHICS. However, this game rufuses to use cool graphics. Therefore, rating -2.

Another big red "but", there is nothing to bitch about apart from the graphics. Still a great 5/5.