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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"


i like the game with history ^^

its a good game

its good game if you`re in to space people saving the world

really good

nice idea and animation


the shoting was limmited
you cant shot up while walking
arows or a destination on the map would be good
some things just didnt make scence, like i picked up a square thing then opened a door i just found, u should make it so i have to go to the door first, hear diologe then get the card.
it had bad graphics too. making it pixleated instead of draw would have done better here.


Hey!!!.... Good Game, butThe graphics o_O

Not so Good.... The voices are Great........ >_> The Controls are Horrible...... The History Maybe is Good o_O

>_> Well.... For me, this is not a game for the First on the Front Page, but is not Your ault..... o_O


Ummm...... An 8??? o_O