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Reviews for "Edd Egg - Greatest Hits 2"

This was

really funny,
I loved the flower shop part , so original hahaha

Eddache responds:

Oney's performance really made that.
Oh and the flower's performance, obviously.

great video ;DD

the XXX flower shop xD great

All of these

are HILARIOUS! I especially liked the flower shop one and the god one.
And just out of curiosity, what's the credits song?

The best thing on the portal

I was expecting bad animating, and lame jokes just because the guys face looked odd, but this was some of the best humor I've seen-- animated or otherwise.

A lot of them were sexual, but i was glad to see some other content too

great job


10/10 Obv Man :P.
It Kinda Saddens Me That that Person Below Me Forgot The 1 Before Their 0 O_O