Reviews for "Sonic Boom Cannon 3D!"


I can definitely tell why you wanted to trim this down, and I really like the lengths gone to make a 3D cannon game (I think that's unique for this site).

I guess the reason why we can't adjust the firing velocity anymore is that you knew we were always firing at Maximum power anyway.

What keeps it from being a perfect 10, however, is that since we can't see what's ahead of us on the track, there's no strategy involved in aiming anymore, it's all only luck.

Love the music you selected, though!

Xanadu32 responds:

ah a long time series player, very good, very good. Glad you liked the redirection that this one took.
In retro view, yes, you raise a great point about the curve of the world and removing the starting strategy. Then again its always been a luck game over all.

Then again I did add boosters to help with the game play.
Thanks for playing! ~ Xan32

Well Done Men

really adictive nice gameplay and i loved the intro well done thanks 5/5 10/10

Xanadu32 responds:

Feeeeeed the addiction!

thanks for playing and enjoying it ~ Xan32

First review and play

AWESOME GAME, its amazing, finally

Thats all

Xanadu32 responds:

Well done on being the first~ and thankyou for liking the game ~ Xan32