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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

I recodnice myselft in this flash

I had dreams about these things to, and that vegtable in the closet. Thats why i liked it, however your flash and audio skills could improve. Keep doing flash, and dont get raped by those things.

Eastbeast responds:

Watch your corn hole out in hyrule there bud. haha thanks for the review :)

Good but not great

ok i have 2 points of veiw here one as a veiwer and one as a hardcore zelda fan

i liked the plot and the way it was delivered the animations could have been better but as its ur 2nd animation il let that pass

as a zelda fan i have to say u cant mix storys plces and charactors from two zelda games (Oot and MM in this case) also anji marred kafi not the weird professer although nice insight into how he may have become a monster

over all i give it a 7/10 keep on working at it dude

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for your review. I'll agree to disagree with you about mixing games together, because in my opinion, I did it so respectfully. And secondly you might as well tell people not to mix mario games either, but they do anyway. I'll keep working on my animation and make somthing even better next time


needed alot more work, i was like wtf at the end? but i liked the idea for it so ima give you a 7 maybe later you could make this a bit more understandable? safe

Eastbeast responds:

The pacing I think explained itself as it went, But I encourage people to to formulate their own interpritations of what happens and to foucs more on the mood. Thanks for the review

poorly animated, but with a good story

I like the concept but the fact that most of your characters are clearly just livetraced official artwork is very off putting

Eastbeast responds:

Yeah I need to work on my animation skill with more free formed characters, thx for the review

plot hole

I remembered that the undead from Zelda disappear or disintegrate when touched by sunlight. Yet nothing happened to him when they left him out in the sun. The reason they didn't die when link was older was because of either the cloud (clouds = no sunlight) or because of Ganondorf's stronger magic.

(I don't mean anything by this) If someone is going to base the storyline in a movie, game, another story, or real life, they need to stick with the reasoning in that world.

THEN AGAIN, I don't remember when this part in the game took place. If it was after he traveled to the future then ignore all that;s above.(Which now that I think about, might be when he went to the future)

But I haven't played the old Zeldas in sooo long. :C

I miss them, and you brought back some memories of the game.

Well, the animation wasn't horrible, but not great either. Like you said though, you're still learning.

I think you should still try and work on this, fixing the (maybe) plot hole and animation. It's a pretty good size as well, but maybe it could be longer.

In order to get some good angles, might I suggest walking around in the Zelda game and use the angles in the game to use as a model. I'm pretty sure this'll help tremendously.

- side note

When you get a lot better, I would suggest making perhaps a series for the time when link traveled through time. When the zombies took over the castle town.

Eastbeast responds:

It doesnt say anywhere in the game that about the redead dying from the sun. If you can find it I'd love to hear it, and you should pm me, but I think you are refering to the "Sun Song" which when played stunned them for a bit, not even killing them. Anyway I'm not out to prove you wrong, just showing that I did my homework ;) Thanks for the review