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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

Promising First Effort; Requires Coloring Overhaul

If you get past "web 216 for the coloring and try some real ambient or subdued color work, you can really dig the horror element into the audience. You can play with a color palette by importing random .gif files into the swatch palette. There's even a grayscale one if you look around, ideal for film noir work.

Another great example of a soundtrack being used to its fullest. In this case, it's a custom commission, which throws an immense plus to an otherwise merely passable piece. Voice-Overs and other niceties could have been present but nobody will kill a first-timer over it.

Good job in capturing the original character design from the Zelda series. That makes a difference in properly identifying the source material. Even the sound effects and even some music is present, helping to immerse the audience.

Overall, a solid effort for someone new to handling the program, an obvious treat for the fans of Zelda, and a decent entry into a genre that few people bother with around here anymore (not without the really cliched zombie pathos). Don't be a stranger.

Eastbeast responds:

Really appreciate this review, thankyou for the advice! I don't know if I am the horror type, but I enjoy making things with substance regardless of its genre, but I am grateful for your comment. Yes this was a treat for me to make, being it was something I've always wanted to see as well. Thankyou for the constructive comment :) I will definately learn some lipsynch for my next projects


I Liked The Story. Like All Other Reviews I Agree The animation Needs A Small Tune Up but Tbh I Have Seen Much Worse. The Story Is Good In Itself But Can Be Enhanced More. Im Sure A Sequel Will Be Highly Worth Making And I Am Sure It Will Get A Place On The Front Page If it Ever Happens.

Eastbeast responds:

Right, yes I have had a lot of reviews about the animation, and if they want to bring it up, make sure they cite specific examples otherwise I can't get much out of the review. Glad you liked the flash and thanks for the review


While the animation and sound could have been better, I enjoyed how you tied the father into Majora's world at the end with his mummy face. All together nice work.

Eastbeast responds:

Great, thanks for the review :)

Good Job

8/10 was generous, but this was very good for your second animation! You need some work with tweening and stuff but you seem to have a natural talent for this. In particular the scene when the zombie's hand was reaching inside the door it bothered me because it didn't look very "natural" I guess. The music was very cool and I thought the redead was drawn very well. It captured the creepiness and scariness it had in ocarina of time. It also looked very "dark" and awesome. The way the humans were drawn kinda creeped me out, lol, but thats pretty much how they look in the zelda games. Some humans were pretty odd-looking.

This flash makes me want to see a zombie movie with all the zombies replaced with redeads, lol. Also I'm pretty sure that since redeads are minions they do not follow the normal rules of zombies. On the other hand, creative license allows you to do whatever you want.

In any case, keep doin' your stuff, cuz its good!

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the review man, I will keep that in mind for my next animation also thanks for specifying on a certain part, like the hand, so I have something to work off of. :)

I watched this a few days ago

I like it more now ive watched it again the hype is well earned

Eastbeast responds:

Glad you wrote a review :)