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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

Very good.

That is a great concept, very well put together.

Eastbeast responds:

Thankyou for the generous score. I hope to continure progressing in my work to make something even better :)

Very Nice

This was a really great concept and flash. I loved this game and know it better than any and I would have to say that this should have been in the game.
Great job!

Exceptionally well done

But although a tragic story, I find myself far more interested in learning more about the ReDead. Why did it suddenly rise one day? Why did it wish to inflict violence upon this family in particular? Where did it go after exacting revenge for the arrow to its head? What is its story?

Eastbeast responds:

Maybe that's just the cryptic part of the story. Evil needs no provocation, it simply arrises and forces us to deal with it. The most random people are usually the victims for this. Where did it go? I like to let peoples imaginations run with that. Maybe there will be a sequel? ;) Thx for the review :3

Very well written.

I really liked the story; not cliche, but not too original.
I loved the artwork on the ReDead itself (the shadows and light-play).

I recently dusted off my N64 and I am playing through the original game. I hate those damn zombies just as much now as I did when I was a kid.

All in all, I thought it was pretty good.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the review :) I guess the cliche aspect you are refering to is the zombie part, which I am not to proficient in. For me its more of a monster tale. Glad to hear you are playing your old 64 again though

Just a little short of a masterpiece

All i have to say is Bravo my good sir, Bravo.

The story itself was excellent and it alone deserves the 10. Not many zombie/zombie like creature stories manage to interest me. This was an exception. The music was the KILLING (bad pun i know) point for me as well as a huge throwback to two of my favorite games. The reference to a certain CreepyPasta (backwards Song of healing thrown in there) may have been unintentional, it may not have have been, but it still creeps me the fuck out XD. After watching many times to get the full effect of it (looking for small things people miss the first or second time around) the subtle things put in there, like the dogs grave, were pretty neat. The art design stayed true to the games which i though was a nice touch, and the Peter and the Wolf method of telling the story (each character gets a "theme song" instead of dialogue) was also pretty well executed. The animation (which even i admit needs some work) shouldn't define this piece in anyway, as so many movies/games do these days.

Also to user oracularproductions I'm glad you did that. Nice one ^^

Eastbeast responds:

I enjoyed reading your review, you seemed to have caught most of the things I really wanted to convey. I didn't expect the animation to do so well, but now that it did, I can only hope it touches people. Thank you for your substance filled review. :)